Quality Lifestyle with Lower Cost of Living

Those who visit Malaysia during holidays are shocked at how low cost of living in Malaysia. Thus it has been a great choice for retirement as well as to start a second home for yourself and family.

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Business Opportunity and Investment in Malaysia

Property prices in Malaysia is considerably low compared to other Asian countries such as Hong Kong or Japan. With government liberalisation of policies, it boosts the economic performance in Malaysia. Besides, one can incorporate his own 100% foreign ownership company in Malaysia.

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Shopping Paradise

Malaysia has been ranked world’s fourth (4th) best shopping city by Global News Network CNN for the “10 Top Best Shopping Cities in the World”. There are variety of products from the branded luxury goods to the affordable items.

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The True Flavour of Asia

Since Malaysia is a multi-national country with Malay, Chinese and Indian community, we have different cuisines that excite your taste buds.

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Free Consultation

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How to Join MM2H

Ever wonder how to qualify in this programme, these are the checklists to qualify yourself for this programme.

Labuan Tax Benefit

Do you know that Labuan is tax heaven in Malaysia, which entitled your company special tax rate at only 3% or maximum RM20,000.

MM2H Enquiry

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"We love Malaysia weather and food! Thanks Melawing Alliance for the dedicated service in the application of MM2H for my family" - Daniel from Switzerland